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FarmCARE provides a full suite of advisory services for the analysis, guidance and optimisation of New Zealand farm performance.

Your productivity partner

We provide a full suite of advisory services for the analysis, guidance and optimisation of New Zealand farm performance.

Throughout our country there is an extensive range of climate, soil, crop and animal conditions. No two farms are ever identical. Nor does any farmer have the exact same challenges and expectations.

A one-size-fits-all New Zealand farm advisory approach does not deliver the best results. Only with a uniquely tailored programme and collaborative approach will challenges be met, potential reached and expectations exceeded.

The FarmCare selection of farm advisory services has been carefully developed over the years to ensure we can call on the right specialist, for the right advice, for your best results.

That means you’ll first gain a clear, comprehensive picture of your productivity and then quickly and easily work alongside industry leaders to plan and implement effective change.

Along with this expertise and professionalism we deliver effective data collection, insightful reporting and innovative analysis. The guidance we provide is unique to your farm and the results long-lasting.

The concept behind the care

The FarmCare stable of products has been carefully developed over the years to deliver a comprehensive range of farm advisory services. With this expertise and professionalism we provide effective data collection, insightful reporting, innovative solutions and enduring results.

The partnerships behind FarmCare were forged after the successful amalgamation of two industry-leading New Zealand farm services – AgriNetworks and PureMilk Mastitis Consultancy.

Development of these brands and our wider suite of advisory services has taken place using a coordinated and highly focused methodology.

Such an approach has provided the FarmCare stable with both highly specialist skills and a shared, far-reaching mindset built around some non-negotiable standards.

If you don’t know where you are, you won’t know where you can go. Only with the right gathering of data can a systematic approach provide clear direction and ongoing peace of mind.

We look at the unique details for growth potential. We take pride in a service that delivers insight that’s unique to your farm and approaches that are right for your needs.

To elevate we must innovate. Our services are not about selling products or dictating specific approaches. We think outside the box and look beyond the everyday.

It’s about building partnerships. The growing use of our services by New Zealand farmers is a direct result of the strong word of mouth. Your success is our success – which is why we take pride in the close-knit working relationships FarmCare forges.

Strength in numbers

The VetEnt network of farm and veterinary services provides the backbone of FarmCare expertise – a key strength ensuring we can apply the right skills at the right time, for the right result.

VetEnt operates from 22 vet clinics throughout the country every day, all day. With such comprehensive coverage we make certain a reliable and experienced professional is there when you need them.

The combined knowledge within this network is also a great advantage when it comes to sharing advice. While each of our services, StockCare and PureMilk, are effectively autonomous and independent, they also have far greater specialist expertise close by if necessary.  

Each of these services have been rigorously tested and developed to ensure New Zealand farmers now receive the right focus, appropriate tools, attentive care and effective course of action for their unique situation.

With such a focused vision on overall farm management this network provides our clients with one key quality – peace of mind. They finish each day on the farm knowing no detail has been missed, no potential productivity gain lost.

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Richard Bartley 
Chief Executive Officer

Analysis. Action. Advantage.

The world now demands both greater transparency in milk production and the highest grade of end product. With careful analysis and expert guidance the PureMilk programme provides New Zealand farmers with this clarity and quality.

The global push to reduce reliance on antibiotics requires the modern farmer to focus on prevention of mastitis rather than detection and subsequent treatment.

PureMilk provides experienced, expert and independent guidance. We assess your entire milking process, everything from bacteria to cow, the equipment to the people using it, before providing a precise action plan unique to your situation.

It’s an approach that saves individual farms tens of thousands in lost productivity while ensuring milk companies receive the highest quality delivery. With these superior results it’s no wonder New Zealand’s leading farm groups, individual businesses and milk companies use the PureMilk programme.

Identifying potential. Optimising productivity.

With careful analysis undertaken before measured actions our industry-leading New Zealand farm productivity programme ensures your animal nutrition and health is at its peak.

StockCare provides long-term monitoring and management for ewe flocks and beef herds that are accessible, sustainable and exceptional.

The process is both simple in approach and complex in delivery. We first look closely at your full range of farm processes over a long period. With this careful analysis in place we then plan any and all unique changes required. 

StockCare works in partnership with you, putting specialist advice to good use for your productivity, profit and long-term peace of mind. We collect all the information. We action every necessary change. We ensure your potential is realised.