Your productivity partner

We provide a full suite of advisory services for the analysis, guidance and optimisation of New Zealand farm performance.

Throughout our country there is an extensive range of climate, soil, crop and animal conditions. No two farms are ever identical. Nor does any farmer have the exact same challenges and expectations.

A one-size-fits-all New Zealand farm advisory approach does not deliver the best results. Only with a uniquely tailored programme and collaborative approach will challenges be met, potential reached and expectations exceeded.

The FarmCare selection of farm advisory services has been carefully developed over the years to ensure we can call on the right specialist, for the right advice, for your best results.

That means you’ll first gain a clear, comprehensive picture of your productivity and then quickly and easily work alongside industry leaders to plan and implement effective change.

Along with this expertise and professionalism we deliver effective data collection, insightful reporting and innovative analysis. The guidance we provide is unique to your farm and the results long-lasting.