Strength in numbers

The VetEnt network of farm and veterinary services provides the backbone of FarmCare expertise – a key strength ensuring we can apply the right skills at the right time, for the right result.

VetEnt operates from 22 vet clinics throughout the country every day, all day. With such comprehensive coverage we make certain a reliable and experienced professional is there when you need them.

The combined knowledge within this network is also a great advantage when it comes to sharing advice. While each of our services, StockCare and PureMilk, are effectively autonomous and independent, they also have far greater specialist expertise close by if necessary.  

Each of these services have been rigorously tested and developed to ensure New Zealand farmers now receive the right focus, appropriate tools, attentive care and effective course of action for their unique situation.

With such a focused vision on overall farm management this network provides our clients with one key quality – peace of mind. They finish each day on the farm knowing no detail has been missed, no potential productivity gain lost.