The concept behind the care

The FarmCare stable of products has been carefully developed over the years to deliver a comprehensive range of farm advisory services. With this expertise and professionalism we provide effective data collection, insightful reporting, innovative solutions and enduring results.

The partnerships behind FarmCare were forged after the successful amalgamation of two industry-leading New Zealand farm services – AgriNetworks and PureMilk Mastitis Consultancy.

Development of these brands and our wider suite of advisory services has taken place using a coordinated and highly focused methodology.

Such an approach has provided the FarmCare stable with both highly specialist skills and a shared, far-reaching mindset built around some non-negotiable standards.

If you don’t know where you are, you won’t know where you can go. Only with the right gathering of data can a systematic approach provide clear direction and ongoing peace of mind.

We look at the unique details for growth potential. We take pride in a service that delivers insight that’s unique to your farm and approaches that are right for your needs.

To elevate we must innovate. Our services are not about selling products or dictating specific approaches. We think outside the box and look beyond the everyday.

It’s about building partnerships. The growing use of our services by New Zealand farmers is a direct result of the strong word of mouth. Your success is our success – which is why we take pride in the close-knit working relationships FarmCare forges.